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How to Make Your Pool Sustainable

We’re all in charge of making the earth a better place to live in, which is why even in terms of entertainment, we should consider the environment. Most of us already have pools in our yards, but are they sustainable? If not, then here are the ways you can make your swimming pool sustainable:

Conserve water.


You can also make your pool sustainable by using less water. If there are small leaks, attend to them at once to save water. Just so you know, if your swimming pool loses a drop of water for every second, that will be equal to 8,000 liters of water in a year. That’s not sustainable at all.

In addition, ensure that you maintain correct water balance and sanitation. Always check the quality of your pool water. Keep it clean at all costs.

Speaking of cleanliness, I suggest you opt for a cleaner that works efficiently—cleans thoroughly and is fast—since they can reduce your electricity costs too. If you’re going for a robotic pool cleaner, then it’s best to get inspiration from these guys.

Use a solar-powered pool heater.

pool-solar-power-heaterWhen it comes to heating the pool, it’s best to settle for one that can be powered by the heat of the sun. Sure, it can be more expensive, but the price would be worth it. This is one of the most sustainable investments you can ever make, so go for it. If you can’t afford one yet, then use a pool cover instead to lessen water evaporation as well. Pool covers can keep your pool naturally warm as they minimize the buildup of organic waste. Plus, you’ll notice big savings on your water bill and chemicals if you use a pool cover. Use a pool cover whenever your pool isn’t in use.

Use sustainable pool accessories.

What are they? These are eco-friendly pool accessories you can purchase like LED lights. LED lights decrease the energy consumption of your pool while keeping the pool adequately lighted at night. Also, buy environment-friendly pool toys, and use eco-friendly swimsuits and skincare products. Trust me; they could go a long way to lower your pool’s environmental outputs.

Check your pool regularly.

Polaris-F9550-SportAs mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to keep your pool clean all the time. By keeping it sanitized, you’ll use fewer chemicals. And using few chemicals is a huge help to the environment. Get rid of dirt immediately, and make sure you replace the pool filter regularly. If you can, use a water-saving filter instead. It’ll keep your pool water pristine and more sustainable.

And that’s it! Be a concerned citizen of earth, and start making your pool sustainable!