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How to Be a Sustainable Traveler

1. Bring only the necessary tools

Taking with you a lot of additional tools also mean producing more waste. So be sure you only carry what’s important. Pack only the right amount of clothes, shoes, and other necessities. If you’re a handyman, be sure to bring the six things in

2. Clean up your waste

A sustainable traveler also knows how to minimize waste and pollution. If you’re going to visit the beach, make sure you don’t add litter. In fact, it’s best if you would minimize the waste around you. Use reusable water bottles and say no to plastic bags and straws. Save the environment one plastic at a time. If you do your research about how to reuse non-biodegradable things, I’m sure you’ll find out how to properly recycle. Also, study about how you should correctly dispose of waste. Once you get used to it, you can bring that character wherever you are in the world. You can even ask the locals about how they get rid of their waste.


If possible, don’t use a private car. Use public transportation, ride a bike, or rent a biodiesel, fuel-efficient, or hybrid-electric car. If you can reach your destination by foot, do so. Walking can minimize air pollution. Support airlines that are concerned with taking care of the environment too. Some airlines like the United Airlines has a program to utilize fuels and decrease fuel consumption like the use of new planes.

3. Conserve natural environment

Wherever you are, make sure you don’t waste water, especially in areas where there’s water crisis. Don’t ruin tree barks and spend your money to support conservation activities and efforts. Make your travel as eco-friendly as you can. Take responsibility for your actions too.

4. Preserve and respect cultures

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to get to know more about other cultures. Travelers must also try to preserve such cultures. So, if you want to be a sustainable traveler, respect and celebrate traditions the right way. Study about the cultural norms such as the language, food etiquette, dress code, as well as general behavior.


Take note that some gestures could have different meanings in different cultures. Do your research about whether the signs you know (especially hand signs) are appropriate or not before you visit a country. Don’t be ignorant! Be in your best behavior when you visit cultural and religious sites too. And don’t touch anything especially if they are ancient. You wouldn’t want to ruin a part of their history, right? Learn how to respect others’ culture, and you can be a sustainable traveler.

5. Give back


Lastly, make sure you give back to nature. Nature has given us all the essential things we need to survive daily from water to food to a safe shelter. So there’s no reason not to give back. While traveling, you could work as a volunteer. You can plant trees, donate supplies, clean up parks or other sites, take care of animals, so on and so forth. If you sincerely want to help the planet, I’m sure you can find a volunteer group you can be interested in. If you can’t do physically demanding jobs, then perhaps you can support local nonprofits so that they can fund projects that can help the environment or fight human welfare issues. If there’s a will, there’s definitely a way.

Happy sustainable traveling!