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6 Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips to Live By


1. Grow your own edible garden
Growing your own food may seem like a daunting project, especially for the uninitiated. But you do not have to be an experienced garden to start enjoying your own edible harvests. And the great thing about edible gardening is that you can do it even without a lawn or yard. There are many types of herbs, fruits, and vegetables you can inside your home if you lack the outdoor space for a traditional garden.

2. Volunteer at a community garden
Volunteering at your community garden is not only a great opportunity to do something for a good cause. It also provides you with an opportunity to learn a lot about gardening that you may find useful when you start growing your own.

3. Reduce, recycle, reuse, and rebuy
Consider reducing, recycling, reusing, or rebuying the things you need when setting up your own garden. Whether it is planters or other gardening essentials like containers you need for your indoor edible garden, you can make use of whatever materials already available at home.

4. Make it a butterfly and friendly-bug space
Keep your garden free from pesticides that could drive butterflies and friendly bugs away. Choose natural ways to grow your garden and make it more attractive to garden-friendly insects, birds, and animals.

5. Make your own compost pit or bin
Use kitchen wastes like fruit or vegetable peels and other scraps to make your own compost pit or bin. Composting not only allows you to make the most of your kitchen scraps. It will also help provide the nutrients your soil needs to grow your plants.

6. Use rainwater
Harvest rainwater that you can use to water your plants. You can make use of old containers you have at home to collect rainwater and use it for your gardening needs.