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9 Best Apps for Green Living


1. Carbon Tracker
Available for: iOS
Using GPS, Carbon Tracker helps you keep track and calculate your travel carbon footprint based on carbon emissions for cars, trains, and planes.

2. Commute Greener
Available for: iOS and Android
Commute Greener is a carbon footprint tracker that provides you with carbon emission data based on your weekly transport — whether by foot, car, or public transport.

3. Find Green
Available for: iOS
Find green businesses near you and choose distance from your location based on your choice of transportation

4. GoodGuide
Available for: iOS
Search for the best sustainable products or you can use the app’s bar code scanner to find out about the environmental impact of a specific item

5. Green Gas Saver
Available for: iOS
Green Gas Saver helps you keep track of your fuel efficiency including insights on your driving habits

6. GreenMap
Available for: iOS
This app provides access to a wide array of green resources and information like sustainable shops or businesses’ locations, farmers’ markets, gardens, and more.

7. Green Outlet
Available for: iOS
The Green Outlet is a home-monitoring app that allows you to keep track and predict your power usage and carbon footprint. The app uses data based on the appliances you use at home.

8. iRecycle
Available for: iOS and Android
Get the latest information not just on the hundreds of thousands of recycling and disposal centers but also on which recycling center to choose for the type of recyclable items you have

9. Love Food Hate Waste
Available for: iOS and Android
Love Food Hate Waste is an app that helps you avoid food waste by providing a wide selection of recipes as well as information and tips on meal planning and food storage.